Monday, May 16, 2016

2016 Summer Jam Schedule


Here is the link to the Summer Jam schedule so that you know when your son may be playing. We will be having two teams in this which starts June 14th and runs through July 26th. There will be no games played on 4th of July week. We have not set our teams for this but will let the guys know who will be participating. Our varsity team will be in the BLUE division and our JV team will be in the WHITE division. Teams could change every week!

Summer Jam Schedule:


  1. Roosevelt 1
    Alex Fiegen
    Chase Duffy
    Thane Hein
    Austin Kusler
    Jimmy Lauer
    Peyton Riggs
    Davis Johnson
    Jackson Reiff
    Demario Hester
    Coby Nofziger

    Roosevelt 2
    Tucker West
    Brady Dannenbring
    Aaron Kusler
    Adam Kusler
    Tyler Feldkamp
    Patrick Niyonshuti
    Reece Potus
    Victor Gamies
    Noah Wuor